Nearly 50% of Pinkcoin’s Staked Blocks Contain Side-Staked Donation Outputs, Plus More Exciting Network Statistics

To Celebrate, PINK kicks off the New Year with a Digital Arts / Meme Contest worth over 100k PINK in prizes

That’s right you heard clearly. Nearly half of the PINK network’s active staking community is utilizing the most altruistic technology known to crypto: Side-Staking. If you missed all the Side-Staking hype have no fear; it’s the simple and beautiful concept of donating your staking rewards automatically to 1, 10, or even 100 other PINK wallets of choice, all free of transaction fees. Every donation is voluntary and simplified for even first-day crypto users to easily fine tune their staked rewards to share with others. Utilizing Side-Staking features, any PINK wallet holder can donate an adjustable percentage of their staked returns to their entire family, friends, or even a noble stranger.

Courtesy of the legendary wizard of the ages, the honorable pink-town hero, Astrych, several key PINK network statistics have been mapped out for the Pink Community to explore and enjoy. Below, the total percentage of staked returns which contain blocks with Side-Stake transactions has been charted out. Pinkcoin has currently surpassed 40% of staked blocks containing donations for other PINK users, and is currently making a run to surpass 50%, a new all time record! Bears bring out the cares in these parts.

tac2 (1)


As you may remember, last fall came the debut of the much anticipated FPoS 2.0 update, which aimed to free up more PoS rewards for moderate wallet holders while cutting back on the computing power necessary for larger staking balances. To accomplish this, FPoS 2.0 requires 100k PINK coin blocks to participate; rewards are 50% larger as well as more frequently rewarded during FPoS hours. To offset the imbalance, FPoS 2.0 is only active for 4 hours each day. Below is a chart which compares the average PoS difficulty with the average FPoS 2.0 difficulty. The results show that a heavy influx of husky PINK users have begun solely targeting FPoS 2.0 stakes; difficulty has increased steadily over the past 100 days, and continues to climb. The more that coin blocks on the network are combined into 100k chunks to target FPoS 2.0 rewards, the more the overall coin weight that had been competing with sub-100k balances is reset, allowing more opportunities for PoS rewards to be earned by moderate holders. As demonstrated by the chart below, PoS difficulty has continued to lower over the past 100 days, steadily freeing up more PoS rewards exclusively for moderate PINK wallets.


Zooming out all the way, using the chart below, we can see that although the average difficulty of FPoS has increased since the FPoS 2.0 update in Oct ’18, the average FPoS difficulty since it’s debut in April ’17 has been significantly reduced. For huskier wallet balances, FPoS 2.0 is freeing up a magnitude of computing power that is now no longer necessary.


Even more cool statistics and charts can be found by visiting the wizards lab on GitHub. Huge shout-out to Astrych for making these statistics easy to read and readily available for the Pink Community!

Put your thinking caps on and keep your seatbelts strapped, to bring in the New Year and celebrate the success of Side-Staking and Flash-Stake 2.0, Pinkcoin will be rocking out a second signature Meme / Digital Arts Contest, and dishing up over 100k PINK in prizes. Official details and more prizes will be announced in 7 days to kick off the start of festivities.

General Breakdown to Pre-Game Ahead of the Contest’s Official Launch:

  • Submissions should be Digital Art: (memes, gifs, videos, music, graphic design ect)
  • Submissions should be related to: ( Pinkcoin, Pinkcoin’s Features–Side-Staking–Flash-Staking 2.0, Headlamp, Twitter Bot, Pink Ethos, Past Donation Drives Campaigns, the Pink Community, Pink Core-Team Members, Pinkcoin Partners, ect )
  • Submissions must be tagged “$PINK, #Pinkcoin” on Twitter (so get a Twitter account if you don’t have one already)
  • Submissions will be voted on by the Pinkcoin Core-Team after one month.
  • 1 Grand Prize Winner will be selected, as well as 4 Runner-ups
  • Multiple submissions are welcome
  • Grand Prize will begin at 100k PINK
  • Additional prizes, prize pool donation addresses, and more competitions will be announced when the contest officially begins next week



Pinkcoin Introduces State-of-the-Art Side-Staking Technology

“Nostradamus Predicts all Donation Platforms will use Side-Staking Block Chain Features in the Near Future”


5/17/17 By Devin Saxon. Time and again a development will occur that flies in the face of what is expected in crypto–generally a barren world where donations are not fun and helping is not appreciated. Alas, thankfully due to the inspiration of the entire Pink family, and dedicated to the crypto scene at large, that dreary time has ended forever. Brought to you by the audacious Pink Beast, the spacious elation worth the greatest celebration, Caligo–and the entire Pinkcoin Dev team–eagerly present to you SIDE-STAKING DAWGS; and the magic is just getting started! Take a knee and listen up folks. #Bow

giphy-downsized (3).gif

What is Side-Staking you ask? How does it work? Well fret no more, no further reading is required! Just watch this bedazzling video made by the amazing movie making master himself, the magnificent RileyX, check him out on Slack today and don’t be afraid to give him a holler over at Pinkcoin Official on Youtube! Before long you, yourself, and everybody you know and love will learn the whole 411 in regards to Pinkcoin. Now curb your delight and watch this video after you shout-out: “Side-Staking Pinkcoin is going to Conquer Crypto! Hoorah!”

For additional details on the bangin staking features Pinkcoin has to offer, check out this beauty, another RileyX masterpiece! #Praise #StandingO

giphy-downsized (4)Be sure to stay tuned for more news from the real chef of hot sauce, yours truly, the Great Pink Buffalo; and finally before you go, what would a Pink Buffalo Blog be without a side-staking info-graphic done by the all around earth bound touchdown–the champion of illustration manipulation, Elypse. #getsome.

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Side Staking Details