Donate4Life 2.0 Enters Beta Testing, Introduces Grubstakes to Pinkcoin

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As suave as a lick from Hendrix, and as bold as an exploding Sharpie, the mastermind duo behind Donate4Life (D4L) and Autoview have showcased their brilliance yet again–dawning once more a first-of-its-kind in blockchain-driven technologies. Carrying the baton for the pinkest fellowship in crypto, sprinting to the call of the greatest community on the block,  Tranzium and CryptoRox, are elated to introduce to the Pink-Army, as well as the crypto-scene at large, the latest fashion in staking rewards: Grubstakes.

How it Works

PINK benefactors are invited to use D4L and vote for their favorite pitches, promotions, causes, charities, and freelance development ideas. Current recipients, or new applicants, who’ve garnered at least 1% of the votes in turn receive 1% of D4L’s staking rewards; 10% of the votes garners 10% of D4l’s staking rewards ect. To maximize their chances for votes and rewards, Grubstake recipients are strongly encouraged to update their D4L page(s) regularly with testimonials given by those they are helping through receiving aid from D4L, as well as any updates on goals that were able to be achieved, and(or) progress made on development projects. 

What are Grubstakes?

Grubstakes are rewards earned via D4L by winning over the hearts and minds of the PINK community.

Who Benefits?

With D4L’s revamped staking pools introducing a plethora of shortfalls against stagnation, no longer will access to Donate4Life be available to only a handful of charitable partners. No longer will the addition of new D4L recipients be bogged down by lengthy waitlists. No longer will D4L applicants be chosen solely at the discretion of Pinkcoin’s core-team. By utilizing D4L’s completely revamped rewards structure serving up the fine dining of Grubstakes, the cake is finally in the hands of the PINK community!

Come see the new D4l for yourself!  

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An Introduction into the New Pinkcoin

A Brief Overview of the Upgraded Network, plus a Pink Road-Map for the Future and a Peer-Reviewed Security Audit.”
Finally stumbled across Pinkcoin and curious to what $PINK’s all about? Well look no further and take a gander at what the world’s been missing!

Pinkcoin is a classic PoW/PoS based coin with fixed PoS rewards, launching a new technology called flash-staking. Flash-staking increases the stake rate and reward structure during pre-selected peak hours of the day, reducing the overall block count over time while retaining the confirmation speed that Pinkcoin is known for.

In addition to its flash-staking capabilities, Pinkcoin also offers another revolutionary, first-of-its-kind staking feature we call side-staking. Side-staking allows users to break up staked reward blocks while outputting them automatically into multiple addresses. This extraordinary ability allows for a concise and simplistic way for users to donate and tip their staked rewards to friends, family, various crowdfunding campaigns, and all their favorite charities with an easy set it and forget it click of the mouse.

The aim for Pinkcoin is: simple, trustless transactions between individuals and public facing businesses with user friendly controls that emulate what one might expect from a private credit card or checking account. Making the process of donating fun, easy, and effortless, Pinkcoin’s exhilarating new blockchain is crafted to encourage altruism!

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How Safe is Pinkcoin for my Investment?

Security Audit

Pinkcoin (2017) Preliminary Security Review—–Click Me!



Pinkcoin Kicks off August Activating 2 Additional Donate4Life Funds: Acorns and the Elder Tree

“With Over 3 Million Coins Funneled into Donate4Life, Even More $PINK will Begin Staking out to Wallets Supporting the Network” 

8-1-17 By Devin Saxon. August 1st marks the split between Bitcoin and BitcoinCash, but it also marks the second round of depreciation for Pinkcoin. Another 10% of the remaining unclaimed Pinkcoins from the 2014 network have been put to good use; every fund on Donate4Life has currently surpassed the 1 million coin threshold to launch, and is now actively staking out coins to the Pink Army.


You may remember the Rain Cloud becoming active during the last round of depreciation — which stakes out coins evenly across addresses currently staking on the $PINK network — now the smallest staking wallets will be given priority and will begin randomly receiving whole stakes through the Acorn fund. Not only that, EVERY wallet staking on the network will have an additional chance at being awarded bountiful stakes from two funds: the  Elder Tree as well as the Rain Cloud! Simmer down, it just got lit asf up in here.giphy1With the activation of these additional funds, there are now even more opportunities to be awarded stakes than ever before. So fire up your wallets and start staking huge returns today, don’t miss out on that sizzling Acorn/Elder Tree action!giphy2

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For more details on other activated Donate4Live funds check out the following Pinkcoin Official video brought to you by the bedazzling video-editing guru, RileyX, and as always, for your most trusted breaking news bulletins be sure stay to tuned into the Great Pink Buffalo, forever here and sincere for the Pink Army! #BCCDrools #BitcoinRules

(Backed by popular demand, “International” is now the Education Fund; each donation goes towards staking to schools educating children on Pinkcoin & blockchain technology. Full Story to be highlighted in upcoming post, stay tuned.)