PINK Digital Arts / Meme Contest Update

Details on more Prizes, Plus the Addition of a Crypto Celebrities Judges Panel

It’s been two years since the birth of Pink V2, and to celebrate we’re raising the roof and the stakes! Half the prize pool up to today’s date has been matched, racking up the total for the grand prize at over 160k PINK! 203k PINK! The grand champ of the Digital Arts Contest will be announced in March on Pink V2’s anniversary date. Contest entries will no longer be voted on by the core-team but will be delegated to an exclusive judges panel: Pinkcoin is proud to announce that all around heroes and crypto-meme experts NotSoFast and CryptOJSimpson will be participating as honorary celebrity judges for the PINK Digital Arts Contest! A select group of Pink-Army All Stars will be invited to join the judges panel as well, of whom will be announced in a follow-up post soon. Submissions will be curated and presented to the judges as anonymous entries, where they will be rated on a 1 – 10 basis; the highest scoring digital art entry will win the grand prize. Submissions will be rated based on humor, cleverness, edginess, and wholesomeness. Additional contest criteria and rules are detailed below:

(Reminder: Update to before February 20th, this is a mandatory update)

Criteria for a 10 rating


If you were at a funeral and read this meme during the sermons would you go to hell for laughing? If yes, 10.


If this meme was an escaped velociraptor would animal control be cornered into saying “clever girl” before being eaten alive? If so, 10.


Is this meme borderline “when keeping it real goes wrong” and “when keeping it real causes a mass renascence of philosophical thought?” If so , 10.


If the Grinch saw this meme would he be inspired to sell-out on his beliefs and return stolen property? If so, 10.


  • Submissions should be Digital Art: (memes, gifs, videos, music, graphic design ect)

  • Submissions should be related to: ( Pinkcoin, Pinkcoin’s Features–Side-Staking–Flash-Staking 2.0–Headlamp–Twitter Tip Bot, Donate4Life, the Pink Ethos, Past Donation Drive Campaigns, the Pink Community, Pink Core-Team Members, Pinkcoin Partners,ect )

  • Submissions should be tagged “$PINK, #Pinkcoin” on Twitter, or submitted in PINK Discord

  • Anyone may enter and multiple submissions are welcome

  • Submissions will be voted on by a Crypto Celebrity Judges Panel as well as to be announced Pink-Army All Stars

  • 1 Grand Prize Winner will be selected, as well as 4 Runner-ups (additional runner-ups may be added with extensive participation)

  • Grand Prize will begin at 100,000 PINK 160,000 PINK, 203,000 PINK. Donations to the Prize Pool are more than Welcome

  • (4) Runner-Ups are Invited to Compete in a Pink Wars Tournament with (4) Core-Team members for a 50k PINK Consolation prize. (additional runner-ups and Core-Team members may be added to the Pink Wars Tourney with extensive participation)

  • If a Core-Team member wins the Pink Wars Tourney they will select their favorite Runner-up as Winner of the 50k PINK Consolation Prize.

The Prize Pool is now open! Feel free to beef up the Grand Prize with side-stakes / donations and encourage more submissions, have fun and good luck:


To Date Over 700 Side-Stakes have been donated boosting up the grand prize by over 9k PINK! Keep the generosity up to an 11! Micro-tip, Macro-Impact!

2017’s PINK Digital Arts Contest Winner

Attention: Mandatory Wallet Update


Update takes effect on Sunday, adds new 51% attack resistant code, resolves issue related to forking/syncing, and removes the checkpoint dependent hotfix in previous update. Stay classy and update to as soon as possible. For questions come visit our #help channel on Discord. Wallet Update Link





Mandatory Critical Update: v2.2.0.3 Emergency Update

Caligo CTO – A malicious entity discovered a vulnerability that allowed them to build off blocks deeper in the chain than our best BlockHeight and have them be accepted by the network, allowing them to orphan small handfuls of blocks off the top of the chain. We’re doing what we can using checkpoints right now, but we need everyone to update asap. Update takes effect at 9/19 at 7am UTC. This update adds the following consensus rules- If a block has been accepted by the network for at least two minutes and its spacing compared to previous blocks is within tolerable limits, that block and all of the blocks that it builds on are solidified in the chain and miners/stakers that build on blocks earlier than this will no longer be considered as alternatives by the network. This update takes effect on Wednesday September 19th, 2018 at 7am UTC. Everyone is advised to update before then or you will fork from the chain when these types of attacks occur. We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your time and understanding. Note: No coins have been lost, this update should not require a resync. This is the primary cause behind all the recent orphans.


Step 1: Make a back-up of your wallet.dat

Step 2: Close your Pinkcoin wallet.

Step 3: Download the bootstrap from our website (

Step 4: Press Windows Key + R

Step 5: Type in %appdata%\pink2

Step 6: Delete everything in that folder except wallet.dat and stake.dat

Step 7: Create a text file called: pinkconf.txt

Step 8: Paste the following in the text file: 

Step 9: Unzip the bootstrap file and drop all files in the pink2 folder.

Step 10: Re-open your Pinkcoin wallet, and let it sync all the way.

Step 11: Once your wallet is fully synced, close your Pinkcoin wallet.

Step 12: In the pink2 folder delete the pinkconf.txt you created earlier.

Step 13: Open up your wallet again and you should be ready.


Step 1: Help > Debug Window > Console (In your Pinkcoin wallet)

Step 2: In the console enter the following command: clearwallettransactions

Step 3: Now your wallet should have everything reset (DONT freak out your coins are NOT gone, just not visible)

Step 4: Enter the following command in the console: scanforalltxns (This might take awhile, depending on your connection)

Step 5: You coins should be back after it’s fully rescanned.

(Updated title from v2.2.0.2 to v2.2.0.3 & added trouble shooter)