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$PINK Flag and T-Shirt Design Contests End on 9/6

“5k Pinkcoin Award goes to the Winner of Each Contest, 20k Total up for Grabs”


8-26-17 By Devin Saxon. Two additional contests are currently underway for the festivities coming up this September 6th. Seeking out the most creative graphic designers on the scene in crypto, 5k bounties are awaiting new homes to the winner(s) of the finest designed Pinkcoin Flag and the most creative new Pinkcoin T-Shirt. These contests are open for everyone’s participation. Multiple submissions are welcome and will be put to a community wide vote after the deadline. Don’t forget to participate in the 10k Youtube contest (also due by 9/6) already rocking and picking up steam fast. Early submissions for all 3 competitions can be viewed below, be sure to stay up to speed with all your $PINK contest announcements and news from yours truly, the Great Pink Buffalo. Check out my hoof prints on the moon through the closest telescope near you! Special shout out to early-bird submitters Neon-flash3, Sara, MasterZeus, and Msprrow, check out their entries below!

(Submit Flag and T-Shirt Designs to the Pink Army Slack Channel)



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Vote for the Best Pinkcoin Youtube Video Today

“Grand Prize Winner Receives 5,000 $PINK! Vote ends in 3 days”

Contestant: Sara

Contestant: MasterZeus

Contestant: CryptoBarbie

Contestant: Spock

Reminder: 10k Prize Contest for next Youtube Contest which will last 2 weeks this time giving the pros a chance to take more time on the videos. Great work everybody on the 2 day video contest! 





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Voting for the “Pinkest Selfie” Contest is now LIVE

“Top 3 Participants are in, First Place gets Bragging Rights and First Pick of 3 Steam Games, Voting ends in 24 Hours!”

Contestant: Able

Contestant: Bravo

Pasted image at 2017_08_03 01_44 AM

Contestant: Zeus

Honorable Mention: Contestants Spock and Wreckadae

Honorable Late Entry: Contestant Msp4rrow


Honorable Late Entry: Neon-Flash3

Image uploaded from iOS (6)

Stay Tuned to Slack.With.Pink and @Waterisaliv1111 on Twitter for the winner to be announced. Good luck to the contestants on winning your pick of these 3 great games!

>> Additional Contest Details Click Here <<


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Pinkest Selfie Contest Kicks Off on August 1st

“Top 3 Will WIN Their Choice of 3 Amazing Steam Games!”

hellionmurderedlast rem

7-31-17 By Devin Saxon. To celebrate the big Bitcoin hard fork coming up this August First the Pinkcoin Core team will be hosting another contest of epic proportions. The Last Remnant and Murdered: Soul Suspect (courtesy of the almighty Caligo) along with Hellion (courtesy of the one and only Metakid) will be given away to the top contenders of the much anticipated $PINK SELFIE CONTEST. The winners along with all contestants will likely be showered in untold amounts of Pinkcoin as well, so don’t be shy and participate!

How to Enter to Win:

  1.  Tweet out the Pinkest Selfie you can muster
  2. Be holding a Piece of Paper that says GetStarted.With.Pink or be wearing Pinkcoin Merchandise
  3. Hashtag #Pinkcoin and #Bitcoin in your tweet

And its as simple as that. On August 2nd a vote will commence on the Best Selfie, the Grand Prize Winner will get first pick of the 3 games to be given away, the other two runner-ups will get their choice of the remaining prizes. So get out there and win free games and Pinkcoin with a simple photo! The world is your oyster! #TakeIt



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Pinkcoin’s Donate4Life Program Activates the Rain Cloud

“The Rain Cloud: One of Many Funds Integrated with Donate4Life has Gone Live”


7/21/17 By Devin Saxon. Brought to you by crafty courtier CryptoRox, provided by the help of gracious donators abound, the Rain Cloud has finally built itself up to 1 MILLION coins and will now begin staking out to the Pink-Army! Anybody staking on the network will begin receiving pink rain every time the Rain Cloud wallet stakes. But wait there’s more!


Donating/Side-Staking to the following Pinkcoin address will #MakeItRain on every $PINK wallet that is staking and supporting the Pinkcoin network! Don’t be shy to make someone’s day with rain today!

To rain on the network, send some coins to : 2MJ8KeoKXK9U25Ug6Ppp4DKsTJX1FxTTfn

Stay tuned for more updates from the lone pink prairie crusader, the one you pray that never gets away, the Great Pink Buffalo.

Gif Courtesy of MasterZeus

>>>> In Case You Missed It <<<<

“Elypse and the Pinkcoin Core Team offers Cold Storage Prizes for the Pink Army!”


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50/50 Raffle Tickets are now ONLY 1 PINKCOIN Each for a Limited Time!

“Hurry Before its Too Late, Participate Today for a Chance to Win the Jackpot!”

Stay tuned for the lowdown on more great deals and hot pink news from the four-legged horned legend, yours truly the Great Pink Buffalo!

>>>> In Case you Missed It! <<<<


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Elypse and the Pinkcoin Core Team Offers Cold Storage Prizes to the Pink Army

“Plus, Basic Security Tips for Safe Trading and Safe Storage”

7/14/15 By Devin Saxon. Nobody wants to be in the “hacker victim” club, starting today keep your crypto safe from unwanted hands getting into your wallet.


  1. Enable 2FA, Two-Factor Authentication, on your Email and all your crypto-exchange accounts. The moral of the story here is, if you don’t have 2fa enabled–YOU WILL GET HACKED–it is only a matter of time. So, put down whatever you are doing and (if you have not already) enable 2fa right away. 2fa Pic
  2. Don’t use text message 2fa, use a trusted Authenticator Application. Hackers can switch your telephone service to a phone in their possession and access your accounts. If you rely on a text message code, you are not protected, you must use an Authenticator App.
  3. Print out 2fa recovery codes and put them in a safe at home, a safe deposit box at the bank, or place them with someone you trust (like your mother). If you break or lose your phone with 2fa enabled you will be locked out of your accounts. This is a good thing, it ensures that hackers can not get into your account without your phone. However, if you do not have your recovery codes getting back into your accounts can be a real hassle, if not impossible. safety-deposit-box
  4. Use a Password Generating Plug-in on your browser such as Last Pass. Let the password generating app make you random passwords for every site that needs a log in. Make sure to use numbers, letters, and symbols and to make the passwords as long as possible. If you use Last Pass NEVER FORGET YOUR MASTER PASSWORD, or you will be locked out of your password vault (which is storing all your random generated passwords) FOREVER. Never use the same password for your wallets, exchange, or email, and especially never use the same password as your Master Password for Last Pass on anything else, EVER. Doing so is essentially a death sentence for your portfolio and internet privacy; you will almost certainly lose your coins due to a hack. LastPass-Logo-Color
  5. Never keep currency on an exchange for very long. This goes without saying, exchanges have been prone to fail, countless traders have been burned by exchanges going under or security breaches leading to massive losses in personal accounts. As soon as you make your trade get the coins onto a personal offline wallet. Mt Gox.jpg
  6. Maintain a hot wallet (off the exchanges) for trading and a Cold Storage Wallet for your savings account. A cold storage wallet is one that is 100% secure, as it has never been exposed to the internet for any potential hacker to have any chance of exploiting it. The draw back to a cold storage wallet is that coins are not meant to be withdrawn from them, store coins in cold storage that you plan on holding long term.
  7. Encrypt your Hot wallet and Cold Storage wallet, and maintain up to date virus definitions on the anti-virus software on your computer that is maintaining your hot wallet. Never download anything that you do not 100% trust onto the computer maintaining your hot wallet; use a burner computer for risky downloads plugged into a separate router. Downloading malware will infect your computer with a key-logger, from there the hacker will gain access to every key you press including your crypto passphrases, once they have access to that its game over, you will lose all your coins–try not to cry afterwards.
  8. Never use public wifi networks, or hotel wifi networks. Hackers will be on stand-by at these places waiting to access and infect your computer with key-logging malware. Only use private personal secured networks when accessing the internet. If you use public wifi your security is as good as dead. Bring your own mobile hotspot when you’re out and about, or out vacationing; spend the extra penny on personal internet data plans to ensure your security is tight knight and free of unwanted infiltrators. Also, be sure that your device isn’t set up to automatically connect to public wifi networks upon startup, the same with your bluetooth settings connecting to other devices. Many computers are default set-up to access public networks when your home network is no longer in range. Change your computer’s settings to never access any wifi network or file sharing application outside your home network without your expressed permission.
  9. Store backups of your wallet.dat files on a a flash-drive or external hard-drive and keep one in a fire-proof safe and another copy in a safe deposit box at a bank to be the safest you can possibly be. If you must put your wallet.dat in an email address, or dropbox folder, make damn sure you have 2fa enabled and that you monitor devices that are accessing your accounts. You only own your coins if you’re the only one that has access to your passphrase and wallet.dat.

In summary, if you think you are safe because you have never had issues with hackers before (classic mistake), or safe without 2fa due to a withdrawal limit (hackers can get around that), you are likely to join the Hacker’s Victim club, nearly everybody involved with crypto has been hacked and lost funds from breaking these basic rules. If you want to maintain your winning streak don’t fall prey to your own self-confidence, follow the rules or you’re going to have a bad time.


That being said, if you’re following the basic rules, you are going to have a great time in crypto, and are likely to make bank. To help those who are new to the game or even veterans needing a new cold storage device Elypse is offering a cold storage prize for various Twitter and Slack competitions. Join the Pink-Army today and stay tuned to Elypse’s account on Twitter for detail on how to win huge! As always this has been the un-grim Great Pink Buffalo, holding out strong during the Great Dip of 2017. Stay safe out there folks! #2fa4life #BuytheDip #SecureYourPortfolio


Coming Soon: Expert Tips on Keeping your Crypto Safe! (Hardening Windows for Hot Wallets, Expert Firewall Tips for added protection, how to encrypt files on Dropbox/Drive and much more!)

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Pinkcoin Stickers For Days! Time to Celebrate

Elypse Offers a Mega deal on Pinkcoin Stickers. 2 Stickers for just one ❤ and a RT”

Also, don’t forget to participate in OPERATION DOUBLE TAP now extended for a short while longer! Hurry and get your entries in! Best poet/song writer wins 10k Pinkcoin along with Hitman: Absolution Elite Edition, and best Minecraft construction WINS an additional 10,000 Pinkcoin! Details listed at the following link! Play nice! But more importantly have fun WINING BIG!!!



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Operation Double Tap is Back in Action!

“Pinkcoin is at it again with two full weeks of contests & loads of give-aways” 

Leo Pink

 5/17/17 By Devin Saxon. Kicking us off straight away with the details of our first contest, an event sponsored by the almighty graphics honcho, the eye bedazzler, the corn creamer, the one and only Elypse! Catch him on Slack Today! The contest is fast, simple, and super easy–just follow the directions at the following link:


…and you could be on your way to receiving BRAND SPANKING NEW PINK POKER CHIPS!! Crafted by the game changer guru YAKPIMP HOLLA!!

giphy-downsized .       Pasted image at 2017_05_16 11_25 AMBuy $PINK Poker Chips Today at!

The next contest will require a little bit more thought and a pinch of altruism, in honor of Alex1239 donating over 100,000 Pinkcoins to our giveaway contest extravaganza at Pinkcoin’s birthday bash mega-party, we will be holding a one of a kind PINK MUSIC MELODY SHOWDOWN! Put your rap beats, poetry skills and all around music making magic onto full display and win BIG! 10,000 Pinkcoins will be given away courtesy of Spock Skywalker, and in true double tap fashion, HITMAN ABSOLUTE ELITE EDITION will be given away courtesy of the holy keeper, the pink beast himself, CALIGO!! #PRAISE

giphy-downsized (1).gif

Pinkcoin Music Melody Showdown Contest Details, all participants must do ONE of the following to win yuge:

  1. Create an Original Song, upload to Youtube or Twitter and hashtag #Pinkcoin
  2. Create an Original Poem, donate any contribution to our Donate4Life campaignand present it to the Pink Army on Slack
  3.   Write a heart felt message about why you love Pinkcoin, donate any contribution to our Donate4Life campaignand share it with the Pink Army on Slack
  4. Contest ends in 2 weeks
  5. Grand Prize Winner receives 10,000 Pinkcoins and Hitman Absolution Elite Edition PC Game Steam Code
  6. All participants WIN Pinkbot 50/50 Twitter Raffle Tickets! 

Sound of Music Meme

And last but certainly not least, the marveled contest raved about by all other contests: METAKID’S PINK PARADISE MINECRAFT CHALLENGE!


First, follow these three easy peasy steps to access the PINK UNIVERSE on Minecraft!

  1. If you have not already, Purchase a Minecraft Account 
  2. Download the Technic Launcher
  3. Join the Server

Secondly, once you have accessed the Pink Minecraft server, construct a fine statue, a dreamy temple to the Pink gods, or go off roading and out of the box putting all your creative juices to work–any amazing construction will do! 10,000 Pinkcoins will be awarded to the best Minecraft Construction within the Pink Minecraft World courtesy of the great craftsman of the 5th dimension, Metakid, enter the future!

(for additional Pink MineCraft Contest details see Metakid in Pink Army Slack)

giphy-downsized (2)

Good Luck Ladies and Gentlemen, and godspeed!

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Pinkcoin Celebrates its 3rd Birthday in Fabulous Fashion

“Give-aways, contests, News Updates and more coming May 2nd”

george-bohunicky-118985 (1)
Photo courtesy of

4/28/17 by Devin Saxon. The legend is back, the moon is lit, in heat, and awaiting the return of the Great Pink Buffalo. Taking names and kicking ass aside, Pinkcoin’s rise to glory (as expected by her adoring fans) has been considered an upset by the crypto-scene at large. It is time to shut them all down: the haters, the non-believers, the crap coin enthusiasts, let them all stand in the filth they bedded themselves with and admire what it means to be too legit to quit, too real to peel, and too cool for school. Come join us on May 2nd as we celebrate Pinkcoin’s 3rd year of life upon the world. Together we will show the riff-raff how to party like there is no tomorrow. #Yolo!


Bounties courtesy of Elypse, say hi to him on Slack

Mel PinkAnd now a brief message to all those whom doubted our rise to total victory: “If there
was no such thing as a quitter, nobody would ever have anything to regret for the rest of their lives.” -Lance Armstrong

Unlike many of our crypto-coin counterparts, thankfully the Pink fam is foreign to such failings. We’ve tasted the top of the charts while those whom have opposed us still chew their ever growing defeat; and come May 2nd we will taste the holy splendor that is divine greatness, and witness the dawning of a new age. Grand Prizes for the Birthday Video Contest include 10,000 Pinkcoins from Spock Skywalker and Metakid, along with Hitman Absolution Elite Edition and Lara Croft and the Guardian of the Light courtesy of the mighty Caligo. Also, news on the future of Pinkcoin from the $PINK development team and the release of the much anticipated PINK PAPER! Be there or be square! Slack.with.Pink #Pinkcoin 

Berfday Meme