Pinkcoin Makes its Debut on Coin Payments

“$PINK is now one of only 65 supported coins on with access to over 200k vendors in 182 countries”

Rock Meme 25/22/17 by Devin Saxon. Just when you thought there could be no more, Pinkcoin strikes again with a wave of amazing and wondrous news. Kicking us off with another headline, through the Pink fam will finally be able to purchase hot new merchandise from all the countless online shopping centers that Coin Payments has to offer. Amidst your joy be sure to leave roomso hot meme for a special shout-out to everyone who pitched in to make the dream happen, in particular $PINK’s very own dominator of donators, Ree, from Pink Army Slack who contributed $300 of the $700 needed to be accepted on, and especially the good folks over at Coin Payments for adding $PINK, one of only a few accepted crypto-currencies on their superb and exceptionally sublime crypto platform! #TY #represent

What exactly is you say? Well fret no more, details are provided below:

“We provide an easy to integrate checkout system for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin with low fees. The API is designed to be simple and provides a polled interface or Instant Payment Notification (IPN). If you have ever programmed for PayPal” -Coin Payments Official FacebookScreenshot 2017-05-22 02.01.08

Screenshot 2017-05-22 01.52.28

For additional information on the benefits of using Coin Payments and everything their services have to offer be sure to check out Until next time, this has been your friendly neighborhood newsman–coming at you from the Pink Universe–the one and only, spicy yet sweet, Great Pink Buffalo! #SigningOff #sayonara

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People who Dig Hot Sauce Have New Reason to Dig Pinkcoin

“Gourmet Hot-Sauce is now for sale and purchasable with Pinkcoin, order today for a special 20% discount!”

5/21/17 by Devin Saxon. Proudly brought to you by the killer of cold, the hell fire crypto chef of sauce himself, @PexPeppers, presents to you ALL NATURAL HAND CRAFTED HOT SAUCE! #Call911 #ItsGettinHotUpInHere

200w_d (3)

pex peppers 2Our all natural hot sauces are made with all natural ingredients including hand squeezed lime juice, honey from local apiaries, and peppers sourced from American farms. We strive to bring you a staggering variety of hot sauces! Check out our Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauces if you are looking to burn along with staggering amounts of flavor! If you want a more mild sauce, why not go with BeeBOMB: Jalapeno and Honey hot sauce? Savor the flavor and feel the sting of our all natural hot sauces! From Mild To Wild, we have what you want in gourmet hot sauce.” -Excerpt from



Stay tuned for more news and hot deals coming your way from yours truly, the one and only Great Pink Buffalo!

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Pinkcoin Sponsors Cardiac Kids Charity with $5,000 CAD Pledge

“Over $1,000 CAD already raised by the Pink Army to help children live better lives”

Screenshot 2017-05-21 12.56.395/19/17 by Devin Saxon. Pinkcoin is proud to present to the Pink fam, and to the crypto-community at large, our $5,000 CAD sponsorship of Cardiac Kids Charity in Canada. Brought to the Pink Army’s attention by the famed fortune teller and fortune maker, Mike Ruscetta from Pink Army Slack, Bryan Benner (CryptoRox) and Andrew Robertson (Madmax04), on behalf of Pinkcoin, immediately set out to form a partnership with Cardiac Kids to help cover the appalling medical costs of kids born with congenital heart defects– a global affliction affecting over 1% of the world’s population. With Pinkcoin’s support and Cardiac Kid’s charity work together, right now, today we can make the world a better place! Moving forward, the Donate4Life campaign charity wallet will be aimed directly at Cardiac Kids; so far over 22,000 Pinkcoin have been minted and shipped to Cardiac Kids Charity. That’s almost $700 CAD as I’m writing this post!

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But wait there’s more! On top of that, Madmax04, the mad gentlemen giving away free classic pink poker chips to the pink fam far and wide, and the Pink Army’s legendary liaison to Cardiac Kids along with the elite graphics architect of astonishment, Elypse, have thrown down an additional donation of over $700 CAD out of their own pockets to get $PINK towards its $5,000 CAD goal! That’s what we call around these parts a very Pink attitude.

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“Very excited about our partnership with Cardiac Kids; they are a great organization that raises money for children affected by congenital heart disease. The money raised goes to the Cardiology Ward at The Hospital for Sick Children. This is a great cause and we’re happy to be starting a Donate For Life campaign for them.” -Madmax04

And now a brief word from the man behind the plan, the anointed Rox of Crypto, the jolt from Zeus’s legendary bolt, and Pinkcoin’s dedicated dreamer and doer, CryptoRox:

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“After our first meeting with the cardiackids team, there was not a single doubt in my mind that this was the charity we wanted to make our donate4life campaign debut with. What they stand for, and how they achieve it, is a perfect fit for with the pinkarmy.”

Be sure to come check us out at the Cardiac Kids event, “Fore the Kids Golf Tournament” June 24th. Special shout out to OG Founder of Pinkcoin, the Prophet of Prophets, leader of the Pinkcoin Core team, CryptoCaycefor throwing down 58,000 Pinkcoin (equivalent to $1,042 USD as of writing this post) towards the Cardiac Kids Charity Wallet! If you would like to donate $PINK to the Donate4Life charity wallet please feel free to click the following portal/link: (each stake from this wallet is sent directly to Cardiac Kids Charity, continuously for life, and puts the Pink Army one step closer to reaching our $5000 CAD goal and beyond. Be apart of history! #ThankYou! #workit #cheers!)

>>>> DONATE HERE <<<<

Pinkcoin Introduces State-of-the-Art Side-Staking Technology

“Nostradamus Predicts all Donation Platforms will use Side-Staking Block Chain Features in the Near Future”


5/17/17 By Devin Saxon. Time and again a development will occur that flies in the face of what is expected in crypto–generally a barren world where donations are not fun and helping is not appreciated. Alas, thankfully due to the inspiration of the entire Pink family, and dedicated to the crypto scene at large, that dreary time has ended forever. Brought to you by the audacious Pink Beast, the spacious elation worth the greatest celebration, Caligo–and the entire Pinkcoin Dev team–eagerly present to you SIDE-STAKING DAWGS; and the magic is just getting started! Take a knee and listen up folks. #Bow

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What is Side-Staking you ask? How does it work? Well fret no more, no further reading is required! Just watch this bedazzling video made by the amazing movie making master himself, the magnificent RileyX, check him out on Slack today and don’t be afraid to give him a holler over at Pinkcoin Official on Youtube! Before long you, yourself, and everybody you know and love will learn the whole 411 in regards to Pinkcoin. Now curb your delight and watch this video after you shout-out: “Side-Staking Pinkcoin is going to Conquer Crypto! Hoorah!”

For additional details on the bangin staking features Pinkcoin has to offer, check out this beauty, another RileyX masterpiece! #Praise #StandingO

giphy-downsized (4)Be sure to stay tuned for more news from the real chef of hot sauce, yours truly, the Great Pink Buffalo; and finally before you go, what would a Pink Buffalo Blog be without a side-staking info-graphic done by the all around earth bound touchdown–the champion of illustration manipulation, Elypse. #getsome.

>>Don’t forget to check out details of our latest Give-Away Campaign: Operation Double-Tap <<

Side Staking Details

Operation Double Tap is Back in Action!

“Pinkcoin is at it again with two full weeks of contests & loads of give-aways” 

Leo Pink

 5/17/17 By Devin Saxon. Kicking us off straight away with the details of our first contest, an event sponsored by the almighty graphics honcho, the eye bedazzler, the corn creamer, the one and only Elypse! Catch him on Slack Today! The contest is fast, simple, and super easy–just follow the directions at the following link:


…and you could be on your way to receiving BRAND SPANKING NEW PINK POKER CHIPS!! Crafted by the game changer guru YAKPIMP HOLLA!!

giphy-downsized .       Pasted image at 2017_05_16 11_25 AMBuy $PINK Poker Chips Today at!

The next contest will require a little bit more thought and a pinch of altruism, in honor of Alex1239 donating over 100,000 Pinkcoins to our giveaway contest extravaganza at Pinkcoin’s birthday bash mega-party, we will be holding a one of a kind PINK MUSIC MELODY SHOWDOWN! Put your rap beats, poetry skills and all around music making magic onto full display and win BIG! 10,000 Pinkcoins will be given away courtesy of Spock Skywalker, and in true double tap fashion, HITMAN ABSOLUTE ELITE EDITION will be given away courtesy of the holy keeper, the pink beast himself, CALIGO!! #PRAISE

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Pinkcoin Music Melody Showdown Contest Details, all participants must do ONE of the following to win yuge:

  1. Create an Original Song, upload to Youtube or Twitter and hashtag #Pinkcoin
  2. Create an Original Poem, donate any contribution to our Donate4Life campaignand present it to the Pink Army on Slack
  3.   Write a heart felt message about why you love Pinkcoin, donate any contribution to our Donate4Life campaignand share it with the Pink Army on Slack
  4. Contest ends in 2 weeks
  5. Grand Prize Winner receives 10,000 Pinkcoins and Hitman Absolution Elite Edition PC Game Steam Code
  6. All participants WIN Pinkbot 50/50 Twitter Raffle Tickets! 

Sound of Music Meme

And last but certainly not least, the marveled contest raved about by all other contests: METAKID’S PINK PARADISE MINECRAFT CHALLENGE!


First, follow these three easy peasy steps to access the PINK UNIVERSE on Minecraft!

  1. If you have not already, Purchase a Minecraft Account 
  2. Download the Technic Launcher
  3. Join the Server

Secondly, once you have accessed the Pink Minecraft server, construct a fine statue, a dreamy temple to the Pink gods, or go off roading and out of the box putting all your creative juices to work–any amazing construction will do! 10,000 Pinkcoins will be awarded to the best Minecraft Construction within the Pink Minecraft World courtesy of the great craftsman of the 5th dimension, Metakid, enter the future!

(for additional Pink MineCraft Contest details see Metakid in Pink Army Slack)

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Good Luck Ladies and Gentlemen, and godspeed!