Elypse Offers Baller Pinkcoin Keychains for ANY Donation to D4L

“Yes, its real”

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Wreck.a.dae aka @_ReecaDae_ making another day un-wreck able, catch her on Pink Army Slack (she loves $PINK rain ; )

6/30/17 By Devin Saxon. Putting the double G’s in swagger, Elypse offers craftsmanship like no other key chain could possibly imagine. Because Keychains can’t imagine things, they are inanimate objects. That was until the release of these hot muffins. Get ’em while they’re fresh, ANY donation to DONATE4LIFE is accepted and wins a one-of-a-kind keychain. We WILL pardon stinginess. Don’t miss out, participate in the PINK NATION today! (give-away extravaganza details are listed below!)

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Stay tuned for more treats, great deals, and great offers from the horned crusader; handily no match for Darth Vader, the Great Pink Buffalo! #DressInPink #OrderSteaksMedium #KeepItReal




Pinkcoin Core Team Dominates “Fore The Kids” Golf Tourney: Becomes the Talk of Toronto, Surpasses $5,000 CAD Goal for Cardiac Kids

“Team $PINK scores under par in back to back matches all while raising over $3000 CAD in one weekend for Cardiac Kids Charity” 

6/29/17 By Devin Saxon. Eminem once wrote:

“If you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it? Or would you let it slip?”


Feel safe to chow down on your mom’s spaghetti folks! In a performance mirrored only by Gandhi and Tiger Woods in their prime, carried by the blessed insurmountable family support eagerly bestowed upon the world by the majestic grace and glory that is the Pink-Army, Pinkcoin’s moment was met, captured, and gripped by her velvet pink allure; she clamped down on all her self-professed goals, and utterly annihilated them — setting the bar for all others to follow and marvel in her wake.

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Caligo, Tranzium and CryptoRox demonstrate Pinkcoin’s Donate4Life Platform to Jeff Neiman, Supervisor and Founder of the Charity, Cardiac Kids. It was in this moment that over $3,000 CAD was donated to his charity helping sick kids with heart conditions live better lives. Special thank you to Pink-Army Slack’s VIP heavyweights, Alexr1239, Floyd, and Ree and especially the rest of the adored Pink Army for all your support in making this dream come true! #PatYourBacks

Unsurprising to all who have grown to love Pinkcoin over the years, her palms were anything but sweaty, her arms were anything but heavy, and her mighty altruistic clout was left once again unmeasurable to her foes, unworldly to her friends, breaking yet another record in her dazzling follow through upon the finish line, squashing every so-called untouchable feat set forth by her crypto peers.

Successfully demonstrated in full-effect to the masses upon the greenway that day, victorious even when left upon an electricity-free, barren field under never-ending cycles of blazing thunderstorms and overbearing sun-rays searing the pasty-white geeks pursuing their haloed dreams outside their usual homey dungeon scenery — together they undoubtedly ensured that Pinkcon had her day.

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Madmax04, Elypse, CrypoRox, CryptoCayce, Caligo, and SpockSkywalker coincidentally all stand in frame and look forward at the same moment towards a randomly positioned Nikon D5300 
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CryptoCayce using his famed Prophet Mind to will two golf balls into the hole. Elypse and Madmax04 look on in amazement.

Soaring past all doubters, dunking pink-love upon all the pessimists, devouring all the hopeless haters, and 86ing all the peanut butter and jelly filled trolls lacking all common traits of human decency, together the Pink Family finally proved once and for all that the fruition of over three years of sweat and toil worked from the minds of the famous $PINK fever afflicting the beautiful trend setting army of the pink nation, that dream — Pinkcoin’s dream — was executed with utmost perfection.

CryptoCayce celebrates moments later… Mission Accomplished (two holes in one). Elypse and Madmax04 are in shock at the prowess of the Great Fabled Prophet’s mind

DSC_0006Carried out by the Core Development Team with exceptional care, partnered with an abundance of sound reason possessed by all the swagger characters whom carry the roaring Pink banner, spreading our message of hope and caregiving that is the very essence of what crypto-currency was meant to be. Together we Pink patriots, bravely saddled upon our storm of pink buffalo, known to all as the dream team stampeding and free — as one united front we charge forward — daring to dawn a new path cemented beneath the clefts of our great buffalo hooves, and crafting in staggering time, with merely one pass, our road is laid down upon any rough, inhospitable turf conceived by man, boldly driving our cherished ideas of serenity envied and relished through-out the entire crypto-scene at large. As one, we have cast aside all the bronze and silver jargon for only what we know and love — pure Pink ideas of gold

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Spock steals the spotlight
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CryptoRox breaks down how Pinkcoin functions to make a better world to a cluster of ETH fans, and Cardiac Kids Donators

Special shout out to @Floyd, @Ree, and @Alexr1239 for their monster 30K $PINK contributions to Cardiac Kids putting the entire Pink family over the annual $5000 CAD goal mark and tacking on another $2000 CAD on top of that! And of course another YUGE shout-out to the entire Pink Army for Side Staking to Cardiac Kids last weekend and showing the world what our prized community is capable of achieving. For additional details on Pinkcoin’s reign over the greenway during the “Fore the Kids Golf Tournament” be sure to stay tuned for “$PINK Becomes the Talk of Toronto Part 2, coming soon… Until next time this has been the news of Pinktown brought to you by a herbivore drifter with thicker fur than yours, the Great Pink Buffalo! #Pink4Life #NeverGonnaStopUs

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Pinkcoin shows the cameras and fanfare how to putt like a demi-god

>>> IN CASE YOU MISSED IT!!!! <<<<

Pinkcoin Brings the Heat at B-Infinity Convention in Malaysia

“Metakid and Razor Represent Pinkcoin at Swagger Get Together”

6/15/16 By Devin Saxon. Spreading the reach of Pinkcoin beyond the extent of crypto’s wildest dreams, the Pinkcoin Development Team is proud to have been invited to participate in this years B-Infinity convention hosted in Malaysia. Represented by the Minecraft magician himself, the virtual reality go-getter and mind melter, Metakid, and chaperoned by the moonlit ninja of the pink militia, Razor, the $Pink nation brought its flying colors all around B-Infinity’s convention hall dazzling an amazing crowd of crypto enthusiasts delighted to hear out $PINK’s good gospel. Pinkcoin looks forward to establishing countless partnerships with whole hearted investors from all over the world; hop on over to Pink Army Slack and maybe with a few kind words tomorrow Pinkcoin will be making a pitch in your home town! For more details on B-Infinity and what they’re all about check out their website at, and be sure to stay tuned for more great news on Pinkcoin’s developing collaboration with good folk like B-Infinity and scores of others from all around the globe. Until next time this has been your friendly neighborhood buffalo, signing out!

Pink Music Melody Showdown Vote is now Live

“Winner of Contest receives 10,000 Pinkcoin! Get your votes in; vote ends in 2 days!”

1.) Pinkcoin Lounge by Brynjar J. Gangstø

2.) Pinkcoin Chicken Dance by MANU P.A.

3.) “Let’s Come Together” written by MasterZeus

Screenshot 2017-06-16 14.46.38

4.) “Pinkcoin Wonka” by Alexr1239

Come with me

And you’ll be

In a world of pure decentralization

Take a look

And you’ll see

You are part of decentralization.

We’ll begin

Staking and

Meme’ing in

Slack, sharing lulz of our creation.

Then Bob-ee

Will defy


If you want to view Pink-adise

Simply look around and view it

Anything you want to, do it

Want to pump us to the moon?

There’s nothing to it

There is no

Coin I know

To compare with Caligo’s imagination

Living there

You’ll be free

If you just don’t lose your keys.

If you want to “This is Gentlemen”

Hodl! your coins and you will see one

Want to be a whale then be one

Anytime you pump please save me one

Come with me

And you’ll be

In a world of pure decentralization

Take a look

And you’ll see

Into your destination

There is no

Place to go

To compare with pink’s decentralization

So stake PINK

To be free

If you truly wish to be

Staking there

Coins are free

Truely what a place to be


Honorable Mention — “You’ll get your Great Pink Buffalo” written by Spock Skywalker, editor of The Great Pink Buffalo, the official blog of Pinkcoin. 

Stay tuned for the results of Metakid’s Pink Paradise Minecraft Challenge.. coming soon #ThinkPink



Pinkcoin Stickers For Days! Time to Celebrate

Elypse Offers a Mega deal on Pinkcoin Stickers. 2 Stickers for just one <3 and a RT”

Also, don’t forget to participate in OPERATION DOUBLE TAP now extended for a short while longer! Hurry and get your entries in! Best poet/song writer wins 10k Pinkcoin along with Hitman: Absolution Elite Edition, and best Minecraft construction WINS an additional 10,000 Pinkcoin! Details listed at the following link! Play nice! But more importantly have fun WINING BIG!!!