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Pinkcoin’s 3rd Youtube Contest Now Underway

“10k Pinkcoin up for Grabs to Creative Youtubers”

giphy118/23/2017 By Devin Saxon. Backed by popular demand, an extended Pinkcoin Youtube contest is kicking off, offering plenty of time for even the most professional content creators to work their magic. There is no rush, this contest will end officially on September 6th two full weeks from today’s date. Submissions can begin being made public immediately, and will be logged and added to the ballot for a community-wide vote on 9/6. Multiple submissions are allowed, their are no content guidelines other than that the more Pinkcoin friendly the videos are, the more votes they are likely to get. Also, videos need to be uploaded to Youtube, with more Pink-Army votes generally going towards those videos also posted onto Twitter #Pinkcoin, and onto the Pink-General channel in Slack. Good luck everybody!

Congratulations to the Last Contest Winners and Runner-up: MasterZeus and Sara



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Vote for the Best Pinkcoin Youtube Video Today

“Grand Prize Winner Receives 5,000 $PINK! Vote ends in 3 days”

Contestant: Sara

Contestant: MasterZeus

Contestant: CryptoBarbie

Contestant: Spock

Reminder: 10k Prize Contest for next Youtube Contest which will last 2 weeks this time giving the pros a chance to take more time on the videos. Great work everybody on the 2 day video contest! 





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Get to Know the Pinkcoin Development Team

“Development Team Members are Highlighted in Today’s Edition of the Great Pink Buffalo!”


Devan Penner-Woelk

June 26, 1989

St. Catharines, ON, Canada




I was born and raised until three years old in Niagara Falls, before my parents moved to St. Catharines where they still reside today and my earliest childhood memories begin. I remember playing outside, although many years ago, with children from not only my own complex, but the other three complexes in the surrounding area. Good times. Bad times. Many enjoyable memories that are amazingly not pushed out by my years of computer knowledge. Five years old is where my life began; a hand-me-down computer and an internet CD.

My computer life started when I was given a 100Mhz computer from an uncle and a Free Web internet CD (it was a service that provided free internet for displaying advertisements across the top of your computer). These early days were filled with a lot of headaches (thanks Mom and Dad; we visited the computer repair shop every day for a week straight once) but the deep seeded roots that is my computer hardware experience had begun. Although I can’t perfectly lay out a timeline of what happened between school, friends, wanting to kill AOL, and computer troubles I had yet to face, but somewhere around the age of ten, I learned about a website called (amazingly it is still up but seems to be left on the curb) and stuck my foot into the world of 3D Studio Max.

Gaming was a bit more exciting back than, from a developer standpoint, as anyone with notepad and/or a hex editor could modify a game’s files to provide patches, add custom game-play, new graphics, characters, etc. Red Alert and Red Alert 2 were the main focus of the Derelict Studio forums and I was eventually a part of a team that had me designing and creating 3D models for buildings and vehicles (infantry was left to the older, more experienced modelers). Over time, I created and rendered wallpapers; little movies; building construction, operation, and destruction animations; messed around with this and that (for some reason four omnidirectional lights placed evenly in the four corners of the dimensional space created nice lighting). One day, with my own game’s concept in full swing and building animations being rendered to disk, it was time to show off my work; my first website.

I still remember using a black hash-tooth pattern for the headings of the navigation, it was a dark coloured website, but aside from that, it’s all a blur. A DOCTYPE you could never remember, tables, neopets, Geocities, GIF background images, and KaZaa were all the rage. The internet was starting to gain speed and I was right along with it. Creating webpages for this, learning more HTML/CSS for that, I lose all concept of time from the age of ten onward. Grade 6 was in there, where I drew Pokemon for the majority of my time and played Gizmo’s and Gadgets on the thunder-of-Thor keyboards (buttons had to have 2 inch springs under them); secondary school, and then there was high school. A four-year-long-story short, we had programming classes for Grades 11 and 12 (Turing) in which I taught the class because 1) the teacher was often busy with other priorities and 2) with already eight years of coding behind me, another language (especially one with top-to-bottom reading, could go into functions barely) was nothing for me to learn. Being able to prioritize when each hand requested my help was exciting, not to mention often leaving the classroom realizing I didn’t even turn on my monitor.

The summer of Grade 11, I went to work in a factory. The factory my dad still slaves away in. I do not remember that summer. I saved my money and barely had enough energy or care to do anything on the weekends. Before long, it was time to get back to school. However, being the computer code monkey that I am, the money I saved ($2040 CAD or $1780 USD; still to this day carry the receipt in my wallet – September 19th, 2006) turned into a money order and was mailed off to Chris H. in California. The money I just saved for three months, was now on its way to someone I have never met, had only sent a few e-mails too, to build me a server. Everyone: parents, friends, teachers included, all gave me lectures on how: I was stupid, will never see that money again, who the hell is this Chris fellow? But I am nearly crying right now remembering the day I stayed home from school to await the arrival of my very own server.

tranz server
before it was packaged and sent to me

Going off to college got me excited because I enrolled in the Computer Programming/Analyst course to expand my coding knowledge into the software side of things. I was already so vastly involved in the World Wide Web that I thought it impossible for anyone to teach me anything I didn’t already know. In all honestly, to make another three-year-long-story short, the course itself was a complete waste of time. On the positive, I highly encourage everyone to at least try to go to college. The people, connections, excitement, life experiences, you name it over the three years I attended, were priceless. However, the knowledge they were suppose to cover was non-existent. I did not graduate from college. I did not learn how to create software. I did, however, further strengthen my website abilities by switching from tables to divs (yeah yeah).

One of the people I met in college quickly became my friend and business parnter, and together we started using our abilities to create websites. We tried the client route; didn’t wok. We tried to create our own website and at one point had it ranked < 100,000 on Alexa (website no longer exists; big corporations killed it); didn’t work. We both quit our jobs. We both have families. We are both living with our in-laws and are trying to make ends meet. Solely driven by our passion for the internet and have finally found our home in the crypto-currency world.

Starting out with faucets, building a faucet looping website (, and doing everything we can to obtain Bitcoin, we were still stuck in our rut. Everything we did, no matter how much time, money, and effort went into something, it all seemed to come to an end. Since giving up, especially this late in the game (I personally have been unemployed since my daughter was born; over a year-and-a-half ago) was not an option. We looked towards bounties in an attempt to grab some Bitcoin we could potentially use to hold our families at bay (most likely fiat conversion). Scam. Scam. Didn’t pay. Scam. What were the terms? Scam. Can we lower our price? Once again, we were both facing defeat at every corner. Our home in the crypto-currency world had nothing left but a box of tissues and some code written on the peeling wallpaper.

Hello Pinkcoin!

To our surprise, our efforts in the cryptography world did not go unnoticed and the Pinkcoin team welcomed our support with open arms. Our home had a raging party again, our spirits were once again as high as kites, and our drive was at full speed once again. My fingers began banging out code. Projects, deadlines, milestones, and the future were all too clear. I could finally use my fifteen years of experience, passion, and self-motivation to create something to whole world can enjoy. Thank you Pinkcoin for doing things differently and not adding to my pile of failure.

I appreciate you reading my life story in a nutshell. I look forwarding to reading what all of you care to share and I hope that one day I can help you; unlike so many have not done for me.

I am a code monkey.

I am Devan.

I am Tranzium.

I LOVE websites.

I LOVE code.

I am Pinkcoin.


Bryan Benner

Oct 23, 1984

Mississauga, ON, Canada

Growing up in a small town surrounded by nature, I spent most of my days outdoors. Up until about 7 years ago, I had never really used a computer. Right out of highschool I went into a factory, and worked there for years. One lucky day, I lost my pinky finger in a hydraulic press. That is when I decided to go back to school.

I did a year of general science, while I decided what I wanted. This lead to 2 1/2 years in Marketing. Half way through my graduating year, I changed courses again. My little brother had just begun a Computer Programming Analyst course. Seeing what he was able to accomplish with code, that got me excited. So I joined his course, and barely passed the first semester. So I did my final program switch, into New Media Web Design where I graduated after 3 more years of College.

I have done and learned many things in my life, but never became a Master at anything specifically. A jack of all trades, master of none. My dedication, self-motivation and many years of dream chasing, have me feeling right at home in crypto. It is like everything I have ever done, combined with my dire need to better peoples lives, and change the world. I have tried involving myself in a few coins. Scam, after scam, hype after hype, it killed me because I knew what it took to achieve the things they were all promising. So I went looking at bounties, found a couple, but got taken advantage of. It was not long after that I was introduced to Pinkcoin.

I joined Pinkcoin right around the same time that the community was taking over. CryptoCayce, Sumgye and Sonys saw the value in this coin, and they were making impressive moves and grinding hard. I got my friend Tranzium and told him “we finally found our home to build our stuff.”

In short, I feel as though everything in my life has lead me to Pinkcoin, and this community. The universe almost makes sense when you can look back in time, and connect all the dots.


DSC_0006 1I’m a 26 year old architect and city planner located in Detroit, Michigan, US. I spent 8 years getting my dual masters in Architecture and sustainable design and construction methods as well as a masters in Urban Design and city planning. Using my education to guide me, I’ve helped create and run charities in Detroit using design as a method for change. That brought me to the Pink team as the core values of Pink aligned with my personal beliefs as well. I’ve been in crypto since 2015 where I first learned the technologies through setting up a small mining farm and strongly affirm that utilizing these new block-chain technologies along with my passion for design is a perfect match to share in a global vision of change. Every generation gets a chance at changing the world. This is our chance to completely revolutionize how the economy and currency function worldwide.

MADMAX04 – MARKETING CREW @m_ad_04m_ax

DSC_0161 1 (1)

Hey, my name is Andrew Robertson I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I am sort a jack of all trades; I like to learn new things. Studied to be a chef, architect estimator, project manager, and have had easily 100 different jobs along the way. Was drawn to poker in the 2004 Moneymaker effect and really enjoyed the strategic end of it. Got lucky a couple times and was able to stack up at the time life changing money. A mutual friend of Danny and I introduced us and he helped improve my poker game. Somewhere in 2014 I found crypto and really never looked back. Have devoted most of my free time into becoming a profitable trader and spreading awareness. I was introduced to Pink through Danny and our mutual friend and really like the concept. We were obviously way ahead of our time as far as a donation platform in crypto and few survived the 2015 bear attack. I am excited that most of our original team has come back into the fold to create the new Pink. I am even more excited for the future and using our network to help people. It is Really nice to meet more like minded people that want to make a difference!


Screenshot 2017-08-10 03.17.51My name is Riley Nettekoven, I’m 21 years old and live in Zaandam, the Netherlands. I mostly do graphical work like the videos on our YouTube channel, but I also love the technical side of everything. I studied System & Network Engineering. When I joined the Pinkcoin slack I immediately fell in love with the project, and I really wanted to contribute so I started making videos for the group. Shortly there-after I was given the keys to run Pinkcoin’s Official Youtube channel and was invited to join the development team!


DSC_0453 1My name is Devin Saxon, I’m a 28 year old writer and audio engineer, but most importantly — I like memes. After dropping out of college I started a highly successful political/news blog out of my home state of South Dakota, at which point a need arose to effectively raise funds to support my writing career outside of Paypal. It did not take long for the discovery of Bitcoin to follow. Graduating high school into the Great Recession, I easily recognized the implications and heroic impact of Bitcoin’s block chain technology, subsequently falling in love with the crypto community at large striving to provide for a sound money financial system for the first time in generations. A solid call, scooping up Bitcoin in 2014-2015 during a gargantuan bear market cycle was the smartest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was during this time that I discovered altcoins, and consequently, after winning a fabled meme contest hosted by CryptoCayce in May of 2014, I came upon my beloved Pinkcoin. Thankfully now, I’m currently employed for and rocking Pinkcoin full-time as the editor of the Great Pink Buffalo, $PINK’s official blog and couldn’t be happier!


Jeremy Redinger, Salem Oregon, leads development of $PINK’s block-chain technologies. He is credited with revolutionizing crypto-currency by introducing side-staking features into Pinkcoin’s wallets, as well as providing many other firsts for crypto. (Full bio coming soon)



2014WSOP_EV65_Day2C_Danny Johnson, 31 years old, is currently employed as the Chief Technology Officer for a Food Service Company in Chicago. Formerly a Professional Poker Player living in Hawaii, he received a Masters Degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing from Hawaii Pacific University. Danny’s legendary rise in crypto began in Nov. 2013 after buying Litecoin off a now defunct website for $4 each, flipping them 3 weeks later for $36 a pop — after that he was hooked. His next project, Pinkcoin, began on May 2nd 2014. Seeing it having tremendous potential for marketing, partnerships, and change that no other altcoin has, Danny became an instant leader within the community. Within weeks the original developer of Pinkcoin abandon the project and Danny seized the opportunity to step in and give this coin new life and direction. A bunch of like minded individuals came together shortly then-after and the rest is history.


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Pinkcoin Youtube Video Contest begins Friday, 5,000 $PINK Grand Prize.

“Also,  $PINK Announcements and News Updates Coming to Kick-Off the Weekend as well, Stay Tuned” 

giphy68-8-16 By Devin Saxon. Just a friendly reminder, participants of the 2nd ever spectacular Pinkcoin Youtube Video Contest can begin uploading their entires starting this Friday. Late entries will be accepted up until Sunday evening at which point the voting will commence. There are no rules, but if you embarrass the Pink-Army you’ll get treated like a spy would getting caught up behind enemy lines, your existence won’t be acknowledged lol. #Don’tBeThatGuy To better your odds of not accidentally being overlooked, be sure to post links to your video(s) in the Pink Army Slack general channel. As always, this is the furry grass eating Great Pink Buffalo, be sure to stay peeled for more Hot News and announcements coming this Friday, be there or be #SQUARE.

>>> In Case You Missed It <<<


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Bitcoin Reaches All Time Highs: Will McAfee Keep his Manhood?

“Is This Gentlemen? Will John McAfee’s $500,000 BTC Prediction Come True?

8/6/17 By Devin Saxon. What is crypto if not erotic gambling? Likely the sane reasoning prompting the OG virus killer himself, John McAfee, into wagering his manhood against the price per Bitcoin come three years time.


There you have it folks, if its on Twitter its as real as the blockchain, there’s no going back now. Either we will all be rich together or we will all froth at the mouth watching John McAfee, a 2016 candidate for US President, cannibalize his own fireman on national television, cursing our sub-500k portfolios.


So far the joke appears to be on McAfee’s doubters — making the 500k prediction/bet merely one day after Bitcoin tanked to $1800 — Bitcoin is now nearly X2 that value enjoying an all time high dancing around $3200. A high once attained by only those owners of bitcoin baking off their bongs whilst taking hallucinogens, can now be enjoyed by everybody in real life banking off their wallets.


Its the talk of the town, its the name that’s on everybody’s mind — Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin — the new Beetlejuice of the modern age, except this time it tastes good. Days after the herd was fighting for their “free money” out of the abomination that is BitcoinCash, the real free money came pouring into old faithful, Bitcoin. Just one year ago Bitcoin was $400-$500, today that is laughable, as was the $3,000 prediction to some by the end of this year. Who’s laughing now? What do you think the price of Bitcoin will be in 3 years time? Will we be laughing at this post with wheelbarrows full of cash or will we be trying not to cry reminiscing the good times we all once shared? Will John McAfee eat his own johnson live on national television or will we be eating Filet Mignon for lunch while purifying ourselves in the waters of the Lake Minnetonka? Vote below!

Gif Courtesy of the Magnificent RileyX, Catch him on Pink Army Slack!

>> In Case You Missed It <<

“Pinkcoin Kicks off August Activating 2 Additional Donate4Life Funds: Acorns and the Elder Tree

Gif Courtesy of the unstoppable RileyX, Catch him on Pink Army Slack!


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Voting for the “Pinkest Selfie” Contest is now LIVE

“Top 3 Participants are in, First Place gets Bragging Rights and First Pick of 3 Steam Games, Voting ends in 24 Hours!”

Contestant: Able

Contestant: Bravo

Pasted image at 2017_08_03 01_44 AM

Contestant: Zeus

Honorable Mention: Contestants Spock and Wreckadae

Honorable Late Entry: Contestant Msp4rrow


Honorable Late Entry: Neon-Flash3

Image uploaded from iOS (6)

Stay Tuned to Slack.With.Pink and @Waterisaliv1111 on Twitter for the winner to be announced. Good luck to the contestants on winning your pick of these 3 great games!

>> Additional Contest Details Click Here <<


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Pinkcoin Kicks off August Activating 2 Additional Donate4Life Funds: Acorns and the Elder Tree

“With Over 3 Million Coins Funneled into Donate4Life, Even More $PINK will Begin Staking out to Wallets Supporting the Network” 

8-1-17 By Devin Saxon. August 1st marks the split between Bitcoin and BitcoinCash, but it also marks the second round of depreciation for Pinkcoin. Another 10% of the remaining unclaimed Pinkcoins from the 2014 network have been put to good use; every fund on Donate4Life has currently surpassed the 1 million coin threshold to launch, and is now actively staking out coins to the Pink Army.


You may remember the Rain Cloud becoming active during the last round of depreciation — which stakes out coins evenly across addresses currently staking on the $PINK network — now the smallest staking wallets will be given priority and will begin randomly receiving whole stakes through the Acorn fund. Not only that, EVERY wallet staking on the network will have an additional chance at being awarded bountiful stakes from two funds: the  Elder Tree as well as the Rain Cloud! Simmer down, it just got lit asf up in here.giphy1With the activation of these additional funds, there are now even more opportunities to be awarded stakes than ever before. So fire up your wallets and start staking huge returns today, don’t miss out on that sizzling Acorn/Elder Tree action!giphy2

Now for a brief message from our good friend, Crypto Barbiee, be sure to like and subscribe to her Youtube channel! And don’t forget to Follow her on Twitter @CryptoBarbiee.

For more details on other activated Donate4Live funds check out the following Pinkcoin Official video brought to you by the bedazzling video-editing guru, RileyX, and as always, for your most trusted breaking news bulletins be sure stay to tuned into the Great Pink Buffalo, forever here and sincere for the Pink Army! #BCCDrools #BitcoinRules

(Backed by popular demand, “International” is now the Education Fund; each donation goes towards staking to schools educating children on Pinkcoin & blockchain technology. Full Story to be highlighted in upcoming post, stay tuned.)


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Pinkest Selfie Contest Kicks Off on August 1st

“Top 3 Will WIN Their Choice of 3 Amazing Steam Games!”

hellionmurderedlast rem

7-31-17 By Devin Saxon. To celebrate the big Bitcoin hard fork coming up this August First the Pinkcoin Core team will be hosting another contest of epic proportions. The Last Remnant and Murdered: Soul Suspect (courtesy of the almighty Caligo) along with Hellion (courtesy of the one and only Metakid) will be given away to the top contenders of the much anticipated $PINK SELFIE CONTEST. The winners along with all contestants will likely be showered in untold amounts of Pinkcoin as well, so don’t be shy and participate!

How to Enter to Win:

  1.  Tweet out the Pinkest Selfie you can muster
  2. Be holding a Piece of Paper that says GetStarted.With.Pink or be wearing Pinkcoin Merchandise
  3. Hashtag #Pinkcoin and #Bitcoin in your tweet

And its as simple as that. On August 2nd a vote will commence on the Best Selfie, the Grand Prize Winner will get first pick of the 3 games to be given away, the other two runner-ups will get their choice of the remaining prizes. So get out there and win free games and Pinkcoin with a simple photo! The world is your oyster! #TakeIt



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Pinkcoin Spotted with NHL Legends Marcel Dionne and Pierre Jarry

“Crypto-Cayce, Madmax04, and Elypse Take on Hockey Hall of Fame Legends in a Round of Golf”

Marcell Dionne 1987
Pierre Jarry attacking Habs net

6/29/2017 By Devin Saxon. Chasing down the Fore the Kids Golf Tourney Grand Prize Trophy, Pinkcoin sent 2 all-star poker heavy weights (CryptoCayce, Madmax04) and one master architect (Elypse) into the thick of Toronto to face off against the earth shattering behemoths and angelically gracious giants — $PINK’s fellow Cardiac Kids co-sponsors and her neighborly Sick Kids Foundation contributors — the widely renown OG Mavericks of years past still running hot today, Marcel Dionne and Pierre Jarry.

Madmax04 showing off Pinkcoin’s first celebrity autograph to CryptoCayce while Elypse ponders of the meaning of life and more coffee. Marcel Dionne (left) and Pierre Jarry (right) are seen shaking hands in background
Pierre Jarry tells a fascinating story, Elypse is still thinking about coffee
Madmax04 points out his monster drive to Pierre Jarry, that golf club is now worth 5 Million Pinkcoins

Our sources claim that Pinkcoin is proud to have shared the fairway with these legends. Its of no doubt that $PINK is sure to have much more celebrity action in the future. This content is brought to you by:


Be sure to stay tuned for Part 3 of “Pinkcoin Rocks Toronto” coming soon, until then this has been your friendly sportscaster/golfing master, the Great Pink Buffalo. #Fore

Elypse pelts a rocket shot after drinking coffee, Mr. Jarry looks on unshaken
Madmax04 and Pierre Jarry are amazed, still watching Elypse’s monster drive go
DSC_0195 1
That one went to the Moon, no doubt #CRUSHED #PoundIT

>>> In Case You Missed it <<<

“Shipping is now Free at Shop.With.Pink, For a Limited Time Only!”


Spock Selfie with the Legend that is Mr. Pierre Jarry #WoopWoop


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Pinkcoin Goes Mobile with Coinomi, Launches Shop.With.Pink

“Buy Stylish Pink Buffalo T-Shirts Today, as seen at Fore the Kids Golf Tourney”

DSC_0756 47/26/2017 By Devin Saxon. Loads of news this week; starting straight away, the Pink Army raised an outstanding 125,000 $PINK to cover the costs of integrating with the mobile wallet platform, Coinomi, a popular solution providing on-the-go crypto wallets to over 70 various crypto-currencies!

Special shout out to the Pinkcoin Core Team for raising half the funds and especially to the Pink-Army for crowd funding the other half of the costs. Crack that champagne, pat your backs, and give a special thanks to all the $PINK donators striving to bring the whole Pink nation up to the moon! Ree, Alexr1239, Floyd, CSU, and all the other top contributors out there from Pink Army Slack, thank you!


In other thankful news, due to the hard work and undying dedication of the coffee connoisseur and cocoa bean negator Elypse, and the marvelous web revolution that is CryptoRox, all the Pink Nation can shop online and get threaded out in their favorite Pink Merchandise at the touch of a button! Pinkcoin is proud to present to you, Shop.With.Pink!

Get all the Pinkcoin Gear you would ever need while helping to support our vigorous marketing campaign along with Donate4Life. All purchases will directly support continued marketing funding and an additional 20 percent will be sent to Donate4Life to stake forever providing residual income towards marketing, development, and charity financing for the entirety of the life of Pinkcoin. There’s much more dazzling Pinkcoin news in the works so stay tuned in to yours truly, the Great Pink Buffalo, for all your inside juice on the world of $PINK! Stay frosty Pink-Army!

Image Courtesy of RileyX, catch him on Slack