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Are you having trouble syncing with the new wallet update? No worries, just follow this troubleshooter to get back on track. If you still need help tag @SpockSkywalker in Pinkcoin’s official Discord hangout.

Instructions For Macs

(make sure wallet is closed before beginning)


Instructions For Windows

(make sure wallet it closed before beginning)

windows update

Instructions In Case Of Balance Discrepancy


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PINK Provides $12,000 in Scholarships for Aspiring Developers to Attend Jimmy Song’s Programming Blockchain Seminars

“2-day workshops will take place this month in Charlotte, London, and Amsterdam. Apply Today!”

Jimmy Song

1/4/17 By Devin Saxon. You heard that right, Pinkcoin is giving away 3 spots–one in each of the esteemed Jimmy Song‘s seminars taking place in the upcoming weeks. With Programming Blockchain becoming all the rave of late, sporting highly recommended reviews by previous attendees, it’s no wonder these amazing opportunities are valued at $4,000 each. These life-changing scholarships are courtesy of the titans of tippage, CryptoCayce, Metakid, and Ree, be sure to encourage their badass good nature on Twitter. Dates for the seminars are provided below. Apply here for your chance to attend:


Additional Details can be found at ProgrammingBlockchain.Com
Screenshot 2018-01-04 14.55.22

Screenshot 2018-01-04 15.51.56

>> In Case You Missed It <<


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Pinkcoin and Collin Crypto hold Flash Fundraiser

Collin Crypto

Use the last few hours of 2017 to score easy deductions on your upcoming taxes — all while helping out a wonderful cause! All proceeds are forwarded to benefit Solar Kits for Change, a non-profit organization that provides global microsolar solutions enabling people in developing countries to generate sustainable income. Solar Kits for Change also educates students about solar power and how this limitless source of natural energy can improve their lives. All donations are tax deductible for US citizens. If you have your full name and address filled out under your account, Pinkcoin will even send you a tax deductible receipt. This flash donation drive runs until Dec 31st at 8:00PM EST. All donations up to $10,000 USD will be matched by the incredibly generous @collincrypto. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!




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Mandatory Update to Wallet, Step by Step Instructions

First Step: Download the Windows or Linux wallet off the main site (Mac wallet updates are coming soon)

Second Step: Right click and create a shortcut for your newly downloaded wallet.


Third Step: Right click and open up the “properties” menu on the shortcut created in Step Two.


Fourth Step: Find the textbox that says “Target.” At the end of the text written enter a space, then type: -startfrom=315065


Fifth Step: Open up the wallet, and sync to the network. If any problems arise technical assistance is available in the #help channel on Pinkcoin’s Official Discord server. An invite link is provided at

Thank you for your patience during this process!

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The Moonshot Group Holds AMA Featuring Pinkcoin

“The Pinkcoin Development Team Answers Questions From the Community”

12/5/17 By Devin Saxon. Did you miss the AMA held by ThePinkCrypto‘s Moonshot Group last week? Well fret no more, The Great Pink Buffalo is here to save the day! Below are all the questions and responses from that most fruitful exchange; feel free to scroll through and review all the answers straight from the PINK Dev Team.

PinkCoin AMA hosted by The MoonShot Group

What is the purpose of PINK?

Pinkcoin 3D Title Transparent

“Pinkcoin is the first blockchain specifically designed as a fundraising platform for social impact causes where we’ve gamified the proof of stake model and incentivized philanthropy from our users. We’ve been around since May of 2014 and have been traded on Bittrex and Poloniex since day 1.” –CryptoCayce

When can I get a PinkPi?

giphy (3)The PinkPi device is currently wrapping up the final coding and UI interface. It took a  little longer than we had hoped, but we want to make sure the final product we are putting out is of high quality, so every step of the way we are testing, having the code reviewed, and taking the necessary security steps to make sure the device is easy to use, functional, and safe. We added in a lot of features we we’re originally going to release down the road. We hope to have the unit ready before end of year. We totally understand the frustration of having to wait for this amazing little device, but we want to make sure our first physical product is top notch.”Elypse

Can you tell us about any upcoming partnerships that would elevate the PINK platform/brand?

“We already have several official partners including those recipients of our Donate 4 Life pool funding system such as Cardiac Kids out of Toronto Canada which is an organization that works w/ Sick Kids Hospital to help kids born w/ congenital heart disease to subsidize the costs of their many open heart surgeries they will have to endure throughout their life. We are also partnered w/ a school out of Switzerland called Zwischraum-Thugaru who are teaching their students blockchain tech through Pinkcoin. We’ll be announcing several more partnerships in the coming months but I’ll share one that we’ll be announcing in the next week with you guys here: an organization who is disrupting the traditional food-drive program by giving fresh fruits & vegetables and other healthy foods to those in need.” -CryptoCayce

Will they accept Phore as a currency for PINK?

“I guess it would be possible in the future via decentralized exchanges or if Phore was compatible w/ cross chain atomic swaps. but as of this moment there aren’t any PINK/Phore currency pairings on any exchange that I’m aware of” -CryptoCayce

Can we stake only PINK on it [PinkPi]?

435830866_230966“The code for the device currently supports PINK only, and that will also be the case for the “for sale” device. However, we will be releasing the code to the community down the road as well, so other project’s and individuals will be able to utilize the code for their own project/coin. The raspberri pi zero is a very hardware specific device, so it can only run one optimized wallet at a time. We are specifically building our code to function on the specific device. This is for a few reasons. One of those being that the device is being built to help bring newcomers into the space by offering a simple plug-n-play device that any novice into crypto can setup without having to cross the cumbersome barrier of knowledge this space demands” Elypse

What does PINK do? Why would I want to invest in it?

Side Staking Details“Well aside from the whole disintermediating the traditional giving process by giving people an alternative and transparent opportunity on the blockchain via Pinkcoin thing we also have a pretty sweet and talented group of innovative developers who do cool stuff like create interactive twitter games  that encourage social interaction while incentivizing game play. create unique wallet features like Side Staking  (the ability to split up your staking rewards from 1%-99% and forward them  to up to 100 different addresses, your own, your friends, donate4life partners, all transaction-fee free). oh and did we mention we’re a  hybrid PoW/PoS/FPoS (Flash Proof of Stake, increased staking rewards from 100-150 during 4 hours of the day) which the PoS portion averages ~20% APR” -CryptoCayce

карта4 (1)

What motivation did you have when creating this platform?

“We saw that everywhere that Bitcoin and Crypto was being talked about was in the same breath as scams, ponzi, darknet, drugs, money laundering  and overall a very shady and negative light. We saw something very different and a lot of opportunity to reshape the narrative surrounding cryptocurrencies as an outlet for doing good in the world” -CryptoCayce

Due to concerns validated by recent issues with applications such as Coinpouch, how will coins be protected when staked via PinkPi?

“Security is a major concern in this space, and we don’t take these issues lightly. The device’s code is being built similarly to how our desktop wallet functions, so the same security scenario’s apply. We have a top notch security reviewer, Philip (@_MiW) who reviews all our code before the even the beta devices are being sent out. All the information will be stored on the Pi device itself, so it would be the user’s responsibility to make sure to take all necessary precautions while using the device. e.g. setting up passwords, backing up wallet.dat files, etc” Elypse

Will the PinkPi reward system be any different than the desktop wallet?

Pink Case“The reward structure is the exact same as our desktop wallets. Standard PoS block reward set at 100 PINK, and Flash PoS block reward set at 150 PINK. We’ve staked multiple blocks using our alpha devices and they function beautifully” Elypse

And most importantly, when does my model ship for beta testing?

“Your beta unit will hopefully be out to you before the end of the year. We are a little behind schedule on it, but that’s purely a result of us wanting to put out high quality software and hardware” Elypse

Any successful idea will have copycats, how do you plan to stay ahead of them?

lepink“Some of the ways we plan to stay ahead are to continue to innovate development and make creative partnerships with organizations that have an aligned mission share our value” –CryptoCayce

How much will PinkPi cost?

“The device is currently slated to cost around 100-150 USD. or around 0.01-0.015 BTC. This is currently the most economically priced staking device we are aware of in the market right now. We want this device to be able to be bought and used by anyone or any bag size.” Elypse

What impact has side staking had on PINK since implemented?

DSC_0645 1
Caligo, Tranzium and CryptoRox demonstrate Pinkcoin’s Donate4Life Platform to Jeff Neiman, the Founder of Cardiac Kids

“Side staking has had a tremendously positive impact on PINK since we implemented it. It’s the engine that makes our Donate 4 Life ( platform go. Its how we’re able to forward the pools staking rewards to our partner organizations automatically without transaction fees as well as a vehicle for other philanthropic minded users to easily donate a portion of their staking rewards to causes they want to support in a set it and forget it manner which provides both the pools and our partners a steady stream of donations.”CryptoCayce


Why the buffalo?

buffalo_7421 (1)“Buffalo mobilize their strongest towards the outside of the herd to protect their younglings, sick, injured and elderly centered in the middle. This ensures the greatest success in stomping out nasty wolves that try to eat the most vulnerable of their family. Buffalo herds are also lead by a wise matriarch vs the typical patriarchal social system. I felt that the buffalo was the perfect representation of what the PINK-Army stood for, protecting those who need help the most and focusing on those in need centered in the middle–essentially exactly what donate4life does, as well as the natural tendency for the most experienced PINK crypto enthusiasts to happily look out for those new to crypto or those vulnerable to sharks trying to mislead them, and so I made the buffalo the logo of the official blog. With the additions of Coin Artist and Rileyx it only makes the matriarch symbology even more relevant.  Also, the “Great Pink Buffalo” is a play on the phrase the “Great White Buffalo”, you don’t what to let PINK be the one to get away. You want to hold onto it forever and never let go.” Spock Skywalker

When PINK is minted, does it take 30 days to fully mature, or can you begin upgrading your rewards immediately?

Image Courtesy of RileyX

“It only takes 1 hour for coins to mature, however when you receive a staking reward (minted block) the coins used in receiving the reward will have their accumulated weight reset and they have to start accumulating weight again, that is where the 30 days kick in because 1 coin gains 1 weight every day with a hard cap at 30 days, so after 30 days you’ll be at max efficiency. You can still receive rewards during that time.” Riley

What is the status of your 501.c.3 status?

“We are an official Non-Profit as Pinkcoin Foundation Inc. registered in Florida. We have 27 months to prove with documentation to the IRS that we are acting as a Non-Profit for them to approve our 501(c)(3) status however its a “you’re innocent until proven guilty” kinda thing where in the meantime we have all the rights afforded to a 501(c)(3) status until they approve or deny us.” -CryptoCayce

What exchanges will PINK be on ?

Screenshot 2017-11-02 21.33.07“Pink is by no means a new currency. We have been around since 2014. We are traded all across the cryptosphere. We are listed on Poloniex, Bittrex, Cryptopia, CoinsMarket, Nova Exchange, Bluetrade, AllCrypt and a few others. We are also in talks with additional exchanges to help us get listed on their platforms.” Elypse

Is Binance one of the desired exchanges?

“We have filled out information to be included in their monthly voting sections, and have reached out to them to be listed. We are awaiting to hear back on both accounts. It would be great to be listed on their great exchange”Elypse


What is your strategy for acquiring partnerships of larger volumes and how do you specifically benefit their cause, assuming they have no need for international transfer of funds? In other words, how does PINK beat out USD if the funds being donated are localized (outside of them being able to stake)?

PinkIdle-800x500“We are leveraging our contacts to reach out to organizations we find interesting, we also have a PR firm working on our behalf to help us with this. outside of the benefit of a tax deductible receipt and the organization receiving interest through staking rewards & the USD value of the donations potentially increasing if they choose to hold PINK the biggest selling point is the transparency of the blockchain so they can see their donation is actually going where they think it is and not to pay hidden administrative fees”CryptoCayce

Are PINK donations tax deductibles?

“Yes if you use our donate4life platform they are tax deductible”

What movements are you taking to increase the intrinsic value of PINK coins?

DSC_0218 1“Innovative tech develioment, creating more partnerships, growing our community, increasing our visibility and social media reach, working with our PR firm to refine our message and make sure we get it in front of the right audience”

I’ve heard that setting up and splitting all of your PINK into 1000 increment blocks was both time consuming and confusing.  Is that still the case and can anything be done to simply/ease/optimize the user staking process?

“Correct we do recommend to split your PINK into increments of a 1000 coins, what you have to do is the following:

1. Select your coins (e.g. 50000 PINK)

2. Toggle “SplitBlock”

3. Enter the number of blocks you would need, we recommend 1000 coins per block (50000 / 1000 = 50 Blocks)

4. Enter your own address

5. Enter the total amount of PINK

6. Send and done

Pink Mac Reeca w: LogoAs you mentioned it can be confusing especially if you’re new to crypto and aren’t very familiar with QT wallets. And we have discussed this before and we would love to have this automated at some point in the future to improve the user expierence.” –Riley

What are the plans on making PINK donations mainstream? When should we expect to see a facebook/twitter link to donate via PINK after a natural disaster? I have stopped donating to big shots like red cross and Unicef, as only a tiny portion of my dollar goes to the victims, PINK could easily take over this sector if we could use 100% towards relief efforts.

harveydonate“These are in the works, we had 2 very successful fundraising campaigns for Hurricane Harvey & Hurricane Irma where raised over $30K USD in all different cryptocurrency mostly through Twitter and thanks to our partnership w/ Bittrex exchange who was our escrow and matched the donations for us we were able to donate over $60K USD to Disaster Philanthropy, & Habitat For Humanity. If anyone would like to help us make the process of donation via social media (specifically facebook, instagram, reddit) we’d really like your help.”CryptoCayce

“Does PINK have any upcoming events?”

“We’re currently in the midst of our #31daysofgiving twitter event which is a fun interactive experience driven by our pinkcoin twitter bot @pinkcointips where you can gift and receive PINK which you can keep or donate to Educational Theatre Foundation, if you choose to donate your contribution will be matched by our sponsor @SpacePirate_io and their game Age Of Rust

To participate in the game on twitter Tweet:    @pinkcointips gift @username

Replace @username with the twitter handle of someone you want to engage with, its a great ice breaker”


Huge shout out to ThePinkCrypto for giving the PINK dev team the opportunity to participate in a fabled Moonshot Group AMA. Stay tuned for more news coming your way hot off the stove, only from The Great Pink Buffalo!


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PINK Spreads Holiday Cheer with #31DaysOfGiving

“Plus Deals Galore for a Limited Time Only, Simply by Shopping with PINK!”

12/5/17 By Devin Saxon. Get ready for the most suave faucet game ever to come to crypto, where every player has an opportunity to gift their friends with prize rewards up to 100 PINK! Brought to you by the same dynamic teamwork that crafted Pink Wars and crypto’s first ever dungeon crawler twitter game, comes the next PINK experience for the ages: #31DaysOfGiving! Win free PINK for yourself and your friends, or adopt a holiday spirit and donate your winnings to your favorite cause–here’s how to participate and get started:


While gifting away don’t forget to check out some of the most tempting deals of the year! Huge shout-out to WhopperCrypto, KawaiiCrypto, 21 Cryptos Magazine, and BTFD.Shop for supporting the PINK-Army with all these awesome opportunities to save big! Pinkcoin couldn’t be what it is today without the generous support and hands-on giving back nature of the PINK nation, and the PINK development team is honored and delighted to return that altruism with an extra dose of altruistic spirit by sponsoring these savings of a lifetime:

Stay tuned for more updates on PINK developments coming your way this holiday season!


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Pinkcoin Person of the Week: Collin LaHay

QPGLxWlp_400x400Collin LaHay has been trading the inefficiencies of the crypto markets full-time for the last few years. He developed and manages his own blockchain project, GambitCrypto, since 2015 and leads a private trading group, who develop their own proprietary trading algorithms, bots and tools. Collin is the #1 ranked escrow trust-agent for cryptocurrency trades on Bitrated. LaHay also recently became a Pinkcoin advisor. We sat down with him to ask a few questions about his life and what drives his passion for blockchain projects.

 1) Tell us a little bit about your own background.

Before crypto, I got my degree in Business Administration & Marketing at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. I had been doing Internet marketing for 10 or 11 years and was self-taught in finance, which is how I started playing around with trading. What started out as a hobby in early 2013 turned into a new career when in December 2014 I resigned my Fortune 500 marketing gigs to go full-time into crypto. I realize that most marketing people stay in marketing, but because I was on the data analytics side of things, the transition wasn’t so dramatic. I basically went to school for one thing, then discovered I had a passion for something else.

 2) How did you learn about Pinkcoin?

I learned about them back in 2014 when Pinkcoin was being used as a utility to enter poker tournaments. That’s how I met Danny and the rest of the team. Danny was big in the World Series of Poker at the time. Our relationship started out casual. But later we ended up working on development projects. It was all very unexpected. There was this fun poker phase and then there was this serious development phase.

 3) What do you think the biggest challenge is for anyone doing social impact via blockchain?

I have seen a lot of social impact coins trying to be developed. And it all comes back to the same issue: just getting users to be recurring donators. You can have a successful ICO or token drive, only to see everything fizzle out after the launch. The hard part is sustaining that interest and momentum and growing and getting new users and branding properly and getting people to contribute on a regular basis.

 4) Where do you see things going in the next few years in terms of the industry and its relation to social impact?

We are going to see different variations on how people are going to use tokens to fund their causes. There are use-cases we haven’t even thought of yet. For the moment, Pinkcoin is one of the leading projects that his defining this new space, while the majority are focused on the profit-making end of things.

 5) Are people in the industry aware of the negative public perception of cryptocurrency or are they in their own bubble?

That’s a tough question. As the market matures, there will be more regulations and these regulations will reduce the number of bad actors and thereby improve public perception. At the moment, the large financial upside is fostering a bubble mentality. I think the industry is also waiting for a use-case that shows how blockchain can be used to advocate for a social cause, as well as be financially advantageous.

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PinkPi Gets UI Makeover Before Beta Test Launch

“New UI Implemented, Plus Amazing Holiday Deals Only by Pinkcoin”

11/23/17 By Devin Saxon. The much anticipated launch of PinkPi is nearly afoot. After finalizing a sensationally improved user interface and locating the most phenomenal case manufacturer around, beta testing models are only a breath away from being released. After beta testing is complete the full release of PinkPi will initiate. Boo Yah!


For more information on what PinkPi has to offer please feel free to visit the introductory video below!

>>> Pre-Order and Sign-Up for EARLY Updates Here <<<

Screenshot 2017-11-23 01.22.33Last but not least, brought to you by Pinkcoin’s delighted development team FREE PINK HOLIDAY STICKERS made by KawaiiCrypto are now available for a limited time! Plus 25% of any other purchases made using Pinkcoin are donated to Donate4Life. What a time to be alive. #Thankful

Check out #KawaiiCrypto at the following link: KawaiiCrypto.Com

And Get your FREE stickers TODAY!


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Highlights From PINK October

“The Greatest Moments of PINK from the Month of October are Recognized”

CryptoCayce and Coin_Artist Discuss Pinkcoin’s Hurricane Disaster Relief Campaign and much more on Off Chain with Jimmy Song:

Pinkcoin Officially moves from Slack to Discord

Click the following link if you would like an invitation to either Pinkcoin Official Discord or Pinkcoin Official Telegram: Invites.With.Pink

PinkPi Devices Near Conclusion of Alpha Testing; Production of Beta Testing Units Now Underway.

PINK Wars Takes Twitter By Storm.

Brought to you by the masterminds Coin_Artist, Tranzium, CryptoRox, and Diego Rodriguez, you can now play the classic card game “War” right on Twitter. Challenge your family, friends, or other Twitter users. Defeated players are encouraged to tip their opponent or donate to charity. (House Rules). If you want to play today simply Tweet: @PinkcoinTips Challenge @YourOpponent

CryptoBourgouise Wins the First Ever 35,000 PINK War Tournament Sponsored by The Great Pink Buffalo, Coin_Artist & MadMax04

100,000 PINK awarded to @AlanStruna for winning Pinkcoin’s first ever Dungeon Crawler game!

PINK’s first ever dungeon crawler contest ran for 2 days over Halloween’s eve with the grand prize being sponsored by Pinkcoin’s latest MVP, Coin_Artist. Game crafting credit goes out once again to the mastermind trio that is Coin_Artist, Tranzium and CryptoRox. This new twitter game is sure to be a continuous delight with new additions, themes, and storylines already in the works.

Native Mobile Wallet Enters Pinkcoin’s Primary Developmental Focus

Our iOS specialist was hit pretty hard in Florida with back to back hurricanes. All apologies for the delays. Completion of PINK’s very own native wallet is being fast tracked to the front lines of development. Stay tuned for more details on mobile’s expected release.

Image uploaded from iOS (2).png

Mobile PINK MOON Game Now in Production to Coincide with Mobile Wallet Release

Brought to you by the master musician Msp4Rrrow, this game is sure to WOOOW mobile wallet users. Stay tuned for further updates and details.

RLoombs wins Pinkcoin’s First Ever Programming BlockChain Scholarship.

A seminar lead by the renowned Jimmy Song was attended in part thanks to a 0.5 BTC scholarship provided by the wondrous Coin_Artist. Full details can be found by clicking the headline link.

PINK’s Core Team Attends BlockCon and Showcases the World all the Wonders of Pinkcoin.

The event in Los Angeles drew mammoth crypto crowds and team PINK enjoyed a major success story in spreading the word on everything to do with Pinkcoin. Full details can be read at the following link: Pinkcoin DOMINATES BlockCon 2017.

DSC_0233 1

Caligo Makes an Appearance on Michael Crypto

Lead PINK Developer Caligo goes in depth with Michael Crypto about the technology behind Pinkcoin and what makes Pinkcoin great for all crypto users.

Kawaii Crypto Adds New Line of Stunning Pinkcoin Stickers


Bittrex Matches Hurricane Irma Relief Donations with $30,000. $60,000 Total Raised.

And for the grand finale who would forget this spectacular news, a definite highlight of the year — $20,000 has been sent to each of the following charities: Center for Disaster PhilanthropyDirect Relief, and Habitat for Humanity”. Micro tipping and macro impacting. Pinkcoin and Bittrex gets the job done. #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork


Screenshot 2017-11-07 10.56.39


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UPDATE: Bittrex Matches PINK Hurricane Relief Fund with $30,000, New Total 60k

“$20,000 has been sent to each of the following charities: Center for Disaster PhilanthropyDirect Relief, and Habitat for Humanity

11/2/17 By Devin Saxon. With all the crypto news centered around the massive blooming of Bitcoin another amazing headline lies hidden in the mix. Out of the sheer good will on behalf of Bittrex, Pinkcoin’s escrow provider for the Hurricane Relief Crowdfund, an additional $30,000 was donated to match all other contributions made throughout the relief campaign. A total of $60,000 has been sent out to the charities supported by the PINK disaster relief fundraiser.


Please take any free moments on the twittersphere to thank Bittrex for all their hard work making this possible and doubling the support raised to help those in need. Truly inspirational altruism is cooking in the crypto scene now.

Bill Donation5
Due to CDP website error 3rd screenshot is temporarily delayed, will be posted asap

Special shout-out to everyone who participated in the donation campaign, congratulations to Leveyaya1 for winning the grand prize Gambit Trading Group membership, and especially an epic holler goes out to Bittrex for matching all relief participants’ donations! What a crypto way to celebrate Bitcoin at 7k. #GroupHug